The Sphere

9-14-2017 Session Notes

Date: 9-14-2017

Total Party XP: 2300 (575 each) 

  • You have officially met one another and I sense an adventuring party may be forming!
  • You helped Haakon and Laelia by clearing out the store room of some rather nasty vermin. The level of trust they both have for your party increased from skeptical to reliable (mechanic/score increased from 2 to 3). 
  • You attended the ticket giveaway at the Bloody Bucket and (as was expected) a tavern brawl broke out! Two drunk men were killed in the altercation and one (seemingly their leader) was critically injured. Two others were taken into custody as you were able to prove to Constable Mowbray and the city watch that your role in the altercation was strictly self defense. 
  • Mowbray assured you that he would be keeping a close eye on the party moving forward. 
  • You ended up being awarded the tickets because you were the only four people remaining at the end of the night…after Mowbray and his watch cleared the joint out.  
  • Vega received a strange package containing two, soul bound dolls. They were both wearing lockets with names engraved on them; Marcy (with emerald eyes) and Darcy (with ruby eyes). 
  • You were all present when Haakon advised Wilbur Cooper that a large half-orc known as Skrag was trying to buy a large amount of moonshine and was asking a lot of questions about Wilbur, his family, his travels, etc.


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