The Sphere




XP Awarded 2400 (600 xp each), 2 honor points & 1 prestige point

  • The party had discussed returning a jade necklace to Haakon, but had yet to return it by the end of the session. 
  • At the end of Umbrae's dance, an assassination attempt was made.

    • Vasha and Wilbur followed the suspected assailant into the sewers and then below, into an underground cavern complex. They were attacked by a horrid looking creature. Part insect, part hairy humanoid, part crab, etc. It nearly killed Vasha.

      • They discovered crude cave carvings that appeared to be a re-imagining of the symbols of The 6. They also discovered an eaten corpse. 
    • Vega assisted with healing and directing Umbrae's team to a local temple of Iomedae. Umbrae was saved and Vega was rewarded with an embossed platinum coin that would grant her entrance into House Hardegin the following night for dinner. 
    • Fenrick gathered two pieces of evidence. An empty phial that he discerned had contained a potion of true strike and another dart that had presumably missed its mark.

      • He presented the empty phial to Quottle who quickly denied knowing anything about it. As he peered over his spectacles, Fenrick thought Quottle got a little nervous when the phial was presented. 
      • The dart was definitely poisoned but, the exact type was not identified.
    • Both pieces of evidence were handed over to the House Armand, Kasatha mercenaries.
    • Fenrick was rewarded with a similar coin and offer as what was rewarded to Vega.
  • Later in the evening, Vega was enjoying a glass of wine after being gone all day when seemingly out of nowhere she was attacked by negative energy. It would have killed her had she not possessed such a strong will for her age.  
  • Haakon informed the party that Ashling had not been back in several days. He was worried and asked that the party look for her in one of the ranger outposts in the Devils Crown. 


Vega needs to go shopping to get clothes for dinner. Whatever would pass for Courtier’s outfit for girls, nothing gaudy or ostentacious-good church clothes quality. Vega would also be smart enough to realize it might be a good idea to bring a hostess gift to Umbrae’s house, with the understanding that it’s pretty impossible to buy a Christmas present for the Queen and its more “the thought that counts.”

Would be searching for a fine quality silk scarf (such as an entertainer would use when dancing) to bring to dinner as well as a thanks for inviting us here to eat with you…

Figured cost totaled around 30-35 gp?


You could find both items of high quality for half of that amount.

enekich enekich

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