The Sphere

Session 5 Notes

Total XP 8100 (2025xp each)

  • Ashling introduced you to Maalgrum, a hobgoblin new to The Bloody Bucket. He joined you on your journey back into the sewers.
  • Vega was again struck by a mysterious negative energy attack. This time, she thinks it came from Marcy or Darcy, one of the soul bound, heirloom dolls.
  • You returned to the sewers. Now that you know what they are, you discovered some Scoria Shrines mixed in with the crude re-imaginings of the symbols of The Six.
  • The corpse, seen originally by Wilbur and Vasha was gone.
  • You ventured deeper into the cavern complex, discovering an entire community of Mongrelmen. They live a very taboo and crude life. They speak a basic form of Undercommon. It was evident that they were wary of you and that you were not welcome. They pointed you to an area where a large crack appeared in the cavern floor and simply said "bad men go down".
  • Dropping down unearthed a trapped Otyugh, a clockwork assassin hunting god-knows-what, a clockwork hound in pieces and an entire village/community of surprisingly well geared, somewhat less crude Mongrelmen, two of which you had engaged in combat. 
  • The twisted symbols of The Six persist on this level of the cavern complex; however, there are a larger number of crude House Armand symbols (The Kukri Wheel).   
  • You stand rested and poised at the entrance to the "advanced" Mongrelmen encampment. 
  • Fenrick earned 50 xp for asking about Terror Time!!


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