The Sphere

Session 7 Notes

Hold Your Tongue!

Total XP 2000 (500 xp each)

  • You began the evening with further exploration of the cavern system below Tempest Reach.

    • After trying to hand over Mongrel-Baby to Widow of Kugg (who became Bride of Dorak for a short time but, thanks to Vega became Widow of Dorak) you learned mongrel-people (according to W.O.K/D. cannot have babies…but they do enjoy eating them. You also helped yourself to some House Armand bracers W.O.K/D. had in crates in her "home".
    • You discovered an archway (later learned it was an inert portal to a terrible place) constructed of severed, rotting, screaming heads. One of them was missing a tongue. Upon further investigation, two strange creatures attacked you, one shrieking loudly and alarming the fiendish mongrelmen of your presence. After dispatching the strange, flying heads three mongrlemen appeared to lead you to safety/help you escape. One of them, passed a severed tongue to Fenrick Dale (seemingly the missing portion of the odd portal). 
  • You narrowly escaped the cavern system and returned to The Bloody Bucket. 

    • You met Captain Arlin from Shipwrights Ward. He was the owner of the jade necklace you had found. He thanked you wholeheartedly, and he inquired on whether or not you could join him in The Ward and help investigate a number of recent disappearances in the dilapidated Puddles District. he mentioned a reward.
    • Kyril burst into the tavern. He had been discovered by his master and seemingly linked you to the "missing property". Soon you met Asmund the Great and he challenged you to find his property "or else". You found the ring at the upstart thieves guild and with Kyril returned it to Asmund. As a thank you, Asmund gave you a device that would teleport you to his tower upon breaking it. He mentioned his recent obsession/project was studying The Phase. He is a stubborn, angry, easily annoyed man. He issued a warning to Vega when you departed "be wary of dark elves girl!"
    • You had a message sent to Ashling by one of her colleagues describing the strange activity in the cavern complex, the portal and the fiendish trespassers 
    • As the party set out to join Arlin in Shipwrights Ward, Vega decided to visit House Hardegin to check on the status of their search for Roger and Stuart (her friends). The drow are acting stranger than usual and have, by all appearances, taken Vega hostage (in the most passive aggressive way possible).
    • They knew of the parties recent activities and are being very inquisitive as to what you may have seen and what you may think you know.
    • Datarius (moon face) created a fake sending to Vasha, Fenrick and Maalgrum proclaiming his engagement to Vega. It was so fake, it was almost read as a "taunt". 


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