The Sphere

The Good Stuff

"Did you get some?" asked the wiry man as he peered over his spectacles at the half-orc who had just entered his laboratory. 

"Haakon won't part with none…says he barely has nuff' to cover his demand at da Bucket." replied the huge,  lumbering half-orc.

"A shame," the wiry man began organizing his workbench, full of flasks, burners and a scattering of documents "if Haakon can't spare any we will need to secure our own sample…what of the delivery man?"

"Looks like simple folk. My people say he brings it all da way from da Fens…must be some dumb swamp rat-hillbilly. Same goon every time." the large half-orc snickered. 

"Swamp rat or hillbilly matters little.  He represents the best opportunity to secure a sample," the wiry mans face began to change, a mixture of madness and determination "…follow him. Put your very best people on this. If we can't secure a decent sample from Haakon, we may be able to get it right from the source."


enekich enekich

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