The Sphere

The Meeting

He had the goods. He was making the drop. As instructed. Always as instructed.

He didn't care for the night or the dark. He cared less for it in cities where lurking shadows and singing drunkards could pose a threat or inconvenience. He preferred the light. He preferred conducting his business in plain sight.

He entered the alley off of Cross Street and followed it as it worked its way between two businesses that were clearly closed and probably well past their hours of operation for the day.

He removed his dagger and struck the stone wall of one of the buildings with the pommel three times. The sound rang out sharply in the night. He waited quietly.

A voice emerged from the darkness, "Which way does the sparrow fly?"

As previously directed, he responded "The sparrow flies northwest".

Upon providing the correct answer, a sturdy humanoid shaped shadow came forth from the darkness. Eventually the moonlight provided enough illumination to discern a human male. Not as large as the lighting initially made him appear, the middle aged, balding, extremely plain looking man extended his hand, "Do you have the list?"

"Do you have the gold?" was his retort. 

The exchange was so fast and smooth the coin bag didn't even rattle or clink. Quick as a whisper. 

"This is complete? This is all of them?" inquired the plain man, unrolling the scroll or "list" he had just exchanged a healthy sum of gold for.

"This is all of them in Wickham. Only Wickham. Minus the girl. We had specific instructions not to include the girl on this list or in any of our notes." was his reply.

"When will the others be ready?" asked the plain man.

"Homestead and The Crown should be ready within the next few months…God only knows when we will have The Isles ready." he replied.

"Good…keep up the good work. Send message when you have the next list ready." said the plain man.

"Will do." he replied as they began to exit the alley via separate ends.

"One last question." the plain man hastily interjected before he got too far away.

"Yes?" he asked, now curiously waiting for the question.

"The girl…Do you even know her name?" asked the plain man.

"Aye. It's Vega…Vega Antaeus." he answered as he slipped back out on to Cross Street and out of the goddamn dark city. 


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