The Sphere

The Stories They Tell Children...

Parents tell their children fairytales to entertain and oftentimes convey morals.

Parents of The Burning Isles are no different; however, due to the populace the tales are considered a tad too scary and violent for those who make their homes on the mainland. Still, the best stories can travel an infinite distance.  

One of the most popular tales is that of Yataka. Yataka - Overlord of The Fire Mountain is an evil and terrifying oni.

Once he was a great Jinushigami, a Volcano Kami charged to protect Mount Reysalon. Estimated to have been three times its current size millennia ago Mount Reysalon was almost completely destroyed in the largest recorded planar incursion in the history of The Sphere. The same planar incursion that historians say created The Obsidian Sea.

Having failed to protect the mountain, the Jinushigami was punished, stripped of its ability to form a physical body and cast into the void, creating a spirit oni. Eventually, the spirit oni manifested itself on the material plane in a physical body. Yataka was born.

Filled with a vile hatred and an insatiable need to punish what remained of The Isles, Yataka began a centuries long, horror filled rampage of torture, murder and rape forever twisting existence in the kingdom. 

The lore states several ideas;

  • Oni can shape shift, and the fire yai Yataka is no exception. Yataka - Overlord of The Fire Mountain still lives somewhere on Dagon's Teeth and that he changes his form to get close to and then ultimately eat, kidnap or murder insolent children.  
  • Yatakas century long pillage spawned hundreds of thousands of offspring. Yataka reclaims his children who misbehave or show signs of "evil" such as bullying, stealing, etc. He kidnaps them in the night and takes them to live in the volcano. Some versions also have these children being forced to fight alongside Yataka in an evil army versus the current Kami charged with protecting what is left of Mount Reysalon
  • Yataka's spirit can infiltrate your body. If children are insolent, there are common sayings that elude to this such as; "the boy is filled with Yataka", "you have the fire yai in you!", etc.
  • There is a common story told that involves a group of children tricking the very impulsive fire yai and then accessing his fortress and stealing from his riches. Eventually, Yataka catches up with the children and their families. As the thieving children watch he beheads their fathers, eats their siblings and rapes their mothers…thus teaching the children not to take what doesn't belong to them.

Obviously, much of this story must be myth; however, scholars do confirm the large incursion of the plane of water forming The Obsidian Sea and drowning much of The Devils Crown and a large percentage of Sangra and Magia Guerra natives have clear ancestral ties to fiery outsiders.




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