The Sphere

YES! Session 4...finally! 12-7-2017

Total XP 1300 (325 each)

1 Honor Point, 1 Prestige Point, 1 Profound Interaction with Ashling the Hunter

  • You traveled to the rangers outpost at the behest of Haakon and encountered a near death Ashling. She was attacked by a grizzly bear in a cavern complex not far from the outpost. You were able to investigate the complex and retrieve Ashling's belongings without hurting the bear.
  • Outside of the outpost and in the cavern complex were two pools and a stream of crystal clean "water" between them, seemingly flowing backwards.
  • There were 6 scoria shrines in the cavern complex where one of the pools was and a large chest containing large chunks of crude silver was at the bottom of the pool. You confirmed with House Owain that the silver is more than likely not related to the scoria shrines and that it is odd for so many shrines to be in one place.
  • While wrestling with the bear, seemingly out of nowhere, Vasha and Fenrick were under the effects of a heroism spell.  


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