Ashling the Hunter

"Stay to the road. You'll get lost out here if you don't know the trails."


Ashling is averagely built though wiry and strong from years spent surviving on her own outside the comfort of town.

She keeps her brown hair tethered back in a practical braid, though frequently wisps of it escape to frame her features. She dresses in simple hunting leathers, often dirtied by the dust of the road, and carries a bow.

Her hunting dog, Marlow, is a burly beast of an animal.


Ashling, a local hunter, helps to supply the Bloody Bucket with fresh meats from the countryside and woods nearby.

She can sometimes be found trading her kills for lodging at the Bucket, but more often than not, she is to be found in the wilds stalking prey or setting and checking her traps.

Ashling the Hunter

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