Haakon The Barkeep

"Take it outside! Not in my bar..."


A huge, brutish man, barrel-chested with thick arms, he towers over most other folk. His ancestry, tainted with the blood of ogres, is ingrained in his features; a heavy brow, thick skull, and abundant facial hair. A poorly inked tattoo mars his upper left arm. He has a booming
voice and a smile that is often mistaken for a snarl. It only curls one corner of his mouth as the unfortunate consequence of some past fight that took a good number of his teeth on the other side.


Though others can often be found pouring a drink or two behind the bar, Haakon is the iconic face of the Bloody Bucket as its primary barkeep, and he makes quite an impression on travelers and regulars alike.

Haakon can often be found behind the bar at the Bloody Bucket pouring ale for regulars unless there is a need to break up a brawl. In that case, he wields a large, rough-hewn club that typically hangs behind the bar. The club is a rather famed hunk of wood, splintered in places and stained and worn smooth with brutal use in others. Regulars have come to call it the peacemaker as its use in Haakon’s hands along with his bellowing and intimidation
have brought to an end a good many brawls.

Despite his temper, the barkeep is very popular with the tavern’s regulars for his stories and his willingness to pass on the gossip that slips from drunken lips. He is an entertaining and memorable fixture of the Bloody Bucket when he’s not had his anger roused, which unfortunately happens almost as often as his fair-weather moods.

Haakon The Barkeep

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