Vega Antaeus

Human, Female 15-16 years old.


5’0, 90 lbs, blonde hair, curly and short (very unruly and often uncombed with a twig or something similar stuck in it), blue eyes (which may or may not remind you of the color of a glacier if you have ever seen one, and skin which is pale as snow and snows the blue veins easily.

Vega Antaeus

Vega is an orphaned witch of about 15-16 years who was raised in and around one of the universities of higher magical learning in Wickham. The scholars and clerics of the university brought her up and treated her as their adopted daughter or a beloved pet. She has short curly blonde hair with very dark blue eyes (almost Indigo shaded). She is 5 feet tall and about 90 lbs. soaking wet.

She was told that her parents and all other relatives died in a magical related accident, this may or may not be true (at the time she does not have any reason to dispute this as a fact.) Her only family is an Uncle named Camael who has provided the funds needed to house, feed, and educate her on the university grounds. Camael is a cleric of Irori. (In addition to being a patron of the temple she lives at, he is also her Patron for purposes of the Patron spells which she will be granted using the “Ancestors” Patron as she learns and grows as a witch.) Being a witch is in her bloodline although Camael, is not a witch and it has been implied he was the black sheep of the family for turning his efforts to the devotion of Irori.

Camael’s devotion to being a cleric shapes the gifts that the ancestors have been willing to bestow upon Vega and thus a unique gift of devotional magics will be granted to her in the future as she grows into her powers.

Vega grew up quite sheltered and loved and allowed to run around wild around the university grounds (exploring and gathering knowledge piecemeal from visiting scholars and clerics) and in Wickham proper. She spent much of her time socializing with other children of the city, sometimes harmoniously, frequently mock-violently, and oftentimes in order to avoid schoolwork. Vega did not consciously use her ability to hex against her playmates, although accidents did happen.

Many of her friends were from the working class (and lower) families around the area; children of the servants at the temple, children of the merchants who lived in and visited the city. There were no children of her “class” or “rank” at the temple. She learned how to sneak around and play pretend games with these children and has very good reflexes learned during mock battles that were waged around the town.

Her familiar, Pantalaimon is her dearest companion and familiar. He is usually seen as being a snow white ermine, but seasonally may be seen as being shades of brown (similar to a pine marten) he is usually wrapped around her neck like a scarf and does not willingly want to venture far from Vega’s touch.

Due to her rather strange upbringing (a child living among older clerics and scholars) she has more than usual knowledge of religion and nobility. Her uncle has been responsible for ensuring that her witch talents were allowed to flourish and develop; although at an early age she entertained the idea of becoming a scholar and cleric of Irori in line with her guardians. The innate witch talent and pull towards that type of magic was too much to deny.

As she has reached her mid-teens the desire to travel about the sphere and to seek greater knowledge of the world and better understanding of the mysterious powers granted to her from her ancestors that are guiding her life.

Vega Antaeus

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