The Sphere

Session 5 Notes

Total XP 8100 (2025xp each)

  • Ashling introduced you to Maalgrum, a hobgoblin new to The Bloody Bucket. He joined you on your journey back into the sewers.
  • Vega was again struck by a mysterious negative energy attack. This time, she thinks it came from Marcy or Darcy, one of the soul bound, heirloom dolls.
  • You returned to the sewers. Now that you know what they are, you discovered some Scoria Shrines mixed in with the crude re-imaginings of the symbols of The Six.
  • The corpse, seen originally by Wilbur and Vasha was gone.
  • You ventured deeper into the cavern complex, discovering an entire community of Mongrelmen. They live a very taboo and crude life. They speak a basic form of Undercommon. It was evident that they were wary of you and that you were not welcome. They pointed you to an area where a large crack appeared in the cavern floor and simply said "bad men go down".
  • Dropping down unearthed a trapped Otyugh, a clockwork assassin hunting god-knows-what, a clockwork hound in pieces and an entire village/community of surprisingly well geared, somewhat less crude Mongrelmen, two of which you had engaged in combat. 
  • The twisted symbols of The Six persist on this level of the cavern complex; however, there are a larger number of crude House Armand symbols (The Kukri Wheel).   
  • You stand rested and poised at the entrance to the "advanced" Mongrelmen encampment. 
  • Fenrick earned 50 xp for asking about Terror Time!!
Coughing August
The Four Fingers Gang

This warehouse was always packed with merchandise still waiting to be fenced.  Anything other than straight coin was brought here first. Only August and his most trusted allies were allowed in this part of the guild house. He brought the prospect here today, hoping the magnitude of treasure it held would be enough to sell him on joining The Four Fingers Gang. August started in on the prospect;

"Look…I get it…you're on the fence" his statement was broken up by an empty, chest rattling cough that has haunted him since childhood, the byproduct of a respiratory infection that nearly killed him as an infant and ultimately how he was awarded his nickname…Coughing August.

"Four Fingers ain't for everybody and I get that. We're new. Things are moving slow…but MOST importantly they are moving smart. You could be in on the ground floor. Sure…a prospect today…but think about tomorrow? Think about one year from now? You got the skills kid. Just the fact that you ain't hurling yourself at us and beggin to join like these other idiots…that is what tells me you are the perfect candidate for what we are trying to do here…"

Again the coughing came. this time August had to rest a hand on the prospects shoulder to keep from falling over.

"Look…I gotta lay down. My head is spinning a bit. Take as much time as you need but make sure you do some work in between. Keep building your resume…lets us know you ain't all of a sudden in the sack with Constable Mowbray. Weezle made your reservation at The Bucket this morning. Room and food is on us. Keep me in the loop on those nosey pricks." August paused and took a deep breath through is nose. He removed is hand from the prospect as he exhaled slowly. "You're a good kid."

Coughing August lead the prospect out of the warehouse and they parted ways. He headed to his private quarters for a brandy and a much needed, afternoon nap. 




YES! Session 4...finally! 12-7-2017

Total XP 1300 (325 each)

1 Honor Point, 1 Prestige Point, 1 Profound Interaction with Ashling the Hunter

  • You traveled to the rangers outpost at the behest of Haakon and encountered a near death Ashling. She was attacked by a grizzly bear in a cavern complex not far from the outpost. You were able to investigate the complex and retrieve Ashling's belongings without hurting the bear.
  • Outside of the outpost and in the cavern complex were two pools and a stream of crystal clean "water" between them, seemingly flowing backwards.
  • There were 6 scoria shrines in the cavern complex where one of the pools was and a large chest containing large chunks of crude silver was at the bottom of the pool. You confirmed with House Owain that the silver is more than likely not related to the scoria shrines and that it is odd for so many shrines to be in one place.
  • While wrestling with the bear, seemingly out of nowhere, Vasha and Fenrick were under the effects of a heroism spell.  
Session 4 Rescheduled! (AGAIN...)
Next Gaming Session Nov. 9th


I am rescheduling our next session for November 9th. Sorry for the hassle. 



2000 XP Awarded (500 each), 1 Prestige Point and 1 Honor Point.

  • You returned the jade necklace you had found clearing vermin from the store room in The Bloody Bucket to Haakon. Although grateful for the return, Haakon seemed annoyed that you have yet to assist with locating Ashling. 
  • Wilbur learned the name of the huge half orc that had been interrogating Haakon about the Cooper family business. His name is Hrusk. Haakon also placed an order of 15 jugs of spirits with Wilbur and inquired upon when he would actually receive the order. 
  • A strange Tiefling named Kyril entered the Bloody Bucket and requested assistance locating an empty Ring of Counterspells entrusted to him by his master Asmund the Great. Asmund is a notoriously powerful (and cruel) mage. Kyril paid you a non-refundable 500 gold to begin investigating the location of the ring. He will pay an additional 3500 gold for its safe and secret return. (Skills challenge is currently at 8 successes and 2 failures). He gave you a simple glass bauble to break/smash/crush when you have the ring so he can meet you to reclaim it. 
  • At House Hardegin, Vega and Fenrick received their rewards for saving Umbrae's life. Vasha and Wilbur earned a purse of 2300 gold, dispatching the champion of the House Hardegin fighting pits…a large Choker named "Squeeze". Prior to the confrontation, you stood buy as Squeeze destroyed a helpless young halfling female. The halfling was wearing a strange necklace with miniature elk horns acting as the pendant. Vega was given another embossed coin, this time platinum. House Hardegin seems to be steeped in strange, taboo customs and birth defects.    
Tempests Reach Chronicle, Issue # 138
Akatay Atajin Named New Warden of The Institution!

Long time judge Akatay Atajin has been named successor to the current warden of The Institution, Ardis Sigin. Akatay Atajin has the reputation of being firm and honest and has sent more criminals to "The Plank" than any other judge in the history of Dagons Teeth. No doubt he will serve the famous prison well. 

For nearly three decades Ardis Sigin has acted as chief warden of The Institution. In recent months his suddenly failing health has become a concern for his family and colleagues. Under recent pressure from the governing bodies of The Burning Isles, lead by Akatay Atajin, Warden Sigin has agreed to step down.  



XP Awarded 2400 (600 xp each), 2 honor points & 1 prestige point

  • The party had discussed returning a jade necklace to Haakon, but had yet to return it by the end of the session. 
  • At the end of Umbrae's dance, an assassination attempt was made.

    • Vasha and Wilbur followed the suspected assailant into the sewers and then below, into an underground cavern complex. They were attacked by a horrid looking creature. Part insect, part hairy humanoid, part crab, etc. It nearly killed Vasha.

      • They discovered crude cave carvings that appeared to be a re-imagining of the symbols of The 6. They also discovered an eaten corpse. 
    • Vega assisted with healing and directing Umbrae's team to a local temple of Iomedae. Umbrae was saved and Vega was rewarded with an embossed platinum coin that would grant her entrance into House Hardegin the following night for dinner. 
    • Fenrick gathered two pieces of evidence. An empty phial that he discerned had contained a potion of true strike and another dart that had presumably missed its mark.

      • He presented the empty phial to Quottle who quickly denied knowing anything about it. As he peered over his spectacles, Fenrick thought Quottle got a little nervous when the phial was presented. 
      • The dart was definitely poisoned but, the exact type was not identified.
    • Both pieces of evidence were handed over to the House Armand, Kasatha mercenaries.
    • Fenrick was rewarded with a similar coin and offer as what was rewarded to Vega.
  • Later in the evening, Vega was enjoying a glass of wine after being gone all day when seemingly out of nowhere she was attacked by negative energy. It would have killed her had she not possessed such a strong will for her age.  
  • Haakon informed the party that Ashling had not been back in several days. He was worried and asked that the party look for her in one of the ranger outposts in the Devils Crown. 
The Letter
The scroll that accompanied Vega's gift

Dear Vega,

Please take care of these. It would be a shame for them to go "outside of the family".

9-14-2017 Session Notes

Date: 9-14-2017

Total Party XP: 2300 (575 each) 

  • You have officially met one another and I sense an adventuring party may be forming!
  • You helped Haakon and Laelia by clearing out the store room of some rather nasty vermin. The level of trust they both have for your party increased from skeptical to reliable (mechanic/score increased from 2 to 3). 
  • You attended the ticket giveaway at the Bloody Bucket and (as was expected) a tavern brawl broke out! Two drunk men were killed in the altercation and one (seemingly their leader) was critically injured. Two others were taken into custody as you were able to prove to Constable Mowbray and the city watch that your role in the altercation was strictly self defense. 
  • Mowbray assured you that he would be keeping a close eye on the party moving forward. 
  • You ended up being awarded the tickets because you were the only four people remaining at the end of the night…after Mowbray and his watch cleared the joint out.  
  • Vega received a strange package containing two, soul bound dolls. They were both wearing lockets with names engraved on them; Marcy (with emerald eyes) and Darcy (with ruby eyes). 
  • You were all present when Haakon advised Wilbur Cooper that a large half-orc known as Skrag was trying to buy a large amount of moonshine and was asking a lot of questions about Wilbur, his family, his travels, etc.
The Stories They Tell Children...

Parents tell their children fairytales to entertain and oftentimes convey morals.

Parents of The Burning Isles are no different; however, due to the populace the tales are considered a tad too scary and violent for those who make their homes on the mainland. Still, the best stories can travel an infinite distance.  

One of the most popular tales is that of Yataka. Yataka - Overlord of The Fire Mountain is an evil and terrifying oni.

Once he was a great Jinushigami, a Volcano Kami charged to protect Mount Reysalon. Estimated to have been three times its current size millennia ago Mount Reysalon was almost completely destroyed in the largest recorded planar incursion in the history of The Sphere. The same planar incursion that historians say created The Obsidian Sea.

Having failed to protect the mountain, the Jinushigami was punished, stripped of its ability to form a physical body and cast into the void, creating a spirit oni. Eventually, the spirit oni manifested itself on the material plane in a physical body. Yataka was born.

Filled with a vile hatred and an insatiable need to punish what remained of The Isles, Yataka began a centuries long, horror filled rampage of torture, murder and rape forever twisting existence in the kingdom. 

The lore states several ideas;

  • Oni can shape shift, and the fire yai Yataka is no exception. Yataka - Overlord of The Fire Mountain still lives somewhere on Dagon's Teeth and that he changes his form to get close to and then ultimately eat, kidnap or murder insolent children.  
  • Yatakas century long pillage spawned hundreds of thousands of offspring. Yataka reclaims his children who misbehave or show signs of "evil" such as bullying, stealing, etc. He kidnaps them in the night and takes them to live in the volcano. Some versions also have these children being forced to fight alongside Yataka in an evil army versus the current Kami charged with protecting what is left of Mount Reysalon
  • Yataka's spirit can infiltrate your body. If children are insolent, there are common sayings that elude to this such as; "the boy is filled with Yataka", "you have the fire yai in you!", etc.
  • There is a common story told that involves a group of children tricking the very impulsive fire yai and then accessing his fortress and stealing from his riches. Eventually, Yataka catches up with the children and their families. As the thieving children watch he beheads their fathers, eats their siblings and rapes their mothers…thus teaching the children not to take what doesn't belong to them.

Obviously, much of this story must be myth; however, scholars do confirm the large incursion of the plane of water forming The Obsidian Sea and drowning much of The Devils Crown and a large percentage of Sangra and Magia Guerra natives have clear ancestral ties to fiery outsiders.




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