The Six


The Six.

The powerful houses that share the rule of the great plutocracy that is Tempests Reach are commonly referred to as The Six. The Six houses consist of House Sawyer, House Hardegin, House Hewitt, House Sewal, House Armand and House Owain

The influence of each house extends well past the enormous, automated gate that seals them off from the rest of The Sphere. Even though the houses cherish their privacy it would be difficult to conceal that which has provided such far reaching wealth.

The spies of House Sawyer and mercenaries of House Armand are contracted throughout The Sphere. The bards of House Hardegin are regular performers at any and all theaters across the realm. Mages  from House Hewitt and the healers of House Owain are a constant presence at the great universities of Wickham Bay and the scribes of House Sewal have recorded history as it is know.  

Outsiders are rarely welcomed within the walls of the great houses that sit behind the Gateway to The Six.

The bullet points presented in the Wiki for each individual house represent what is considered common knowledge.

Also presented in the individual house Wiki is an image of the symbol commonly associated with each house. These symbols are seen on embroidery, jewelry, signet rings, etc.

The Six

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