The Sphere

Tempests Reach Chronicle, Issue # 145
Warden Atajin Makes Plans to Rebuild The Institution!

Once thought to be dead, Warden Akatay Atajin announced this week that he will rebuild The Institution.

"I will build it bigger and better than before. I want it large enough to share the skyline with Mount Reysalon! We will house five times the inmates. Pyrebury has already been contracted and we expect to have plans to review within the next few weeks! This facility will be state-of-the-art AND…most importantly…it will be earthquake proof!"

When asked when he would like to break ground, Atajin simply chuckled and said, "yesterday."

Session 30*
Dammit Sewal!


Total XP:32,000 (8000 xp each plus individual awards)

30th Gaming Session of The Sphere!!

You decided to confront Belmuhn Sewal in his house. 

After a short, verbal exchange, Belmuhn slipped through a magical rift into his version of a the Mage's Magnificent Mansion spell. Oddly enough, the party was allowed to enter.

Maalgrum attacked Belmuhn who instantly went invisible and fled. You pursued, but seem to be being teleported randomly to small demi-planes, all of which contain a different monster and lair;

  1. Once fine robes hang in tatters from this withered corpse’s frame. A pale blue light shines from where its eyes should be. This room features a simple stone floor with a large, intricate arcane rune scribed into it. 4 object stand upon the floor, a chalice, a large ruby, an athame and a tiny metallic box. This room contained a lich. Vasha chopped into very fine pieces, hoping to prolong the regenerating process.
  2. This room is full with a many-layered mass of strong, sticky strands, similar to spiderwebs but far larger and tougher. A drider with the lower body like a tarantula, and the upper body of a wiry drow, bearing a hideous face more spider than drow, complete with fanged mandibles but definitely resembling Datarius. Maalgrum removed the driders head, hoping to offer it as evidence to Umbrae of Sewals evil-doing. 
  3. Tiny horns, bat-like wings, and a sinuous tail betray the demonic nature of this alluring woman standing in scenic and peaceful forest setting. Kneeling in front of her (so far you have seen Haakon and Ashling) stares longingly, yearningly upon her… This Succubus tried to lure several of you into kissing her. She was quickly dispatched. 
  4. Snow falls in heavy sheets on this slick frozen lake. A creature stands like a man, yet is half again the height of most men and covered with a coat of thick white fur. A yeti, on a sheet of ice in the center of a whiteout. At the request of Vega, Vasha skinned the yeti to craft her a "slanket".

As of now, you have dispatched all 4. Belmuhn seems to be hopping from plane to plane in an attempt to eliminate the party, one-by-one. He has already disintegrated Rooster. 

Maalgrum has reversed the initiative order. 

Session 29
The Mole

Total XP 8,000 (2,000 each)

  • While  Mal repaired the clockwork steed and cargo trailer, the party conducted a thorough search and discovered a secret compartment on the clockwork steed that contained an adamantine bound coffer.
  • Magical means were required to open the coffer and it also had strange, arcane etching that was indiscernible by any member of the party. When attempting to read it, Vasha was overcome with a strange sensation and Mal simply chose to ignore it all together. 
  • You conducted a sending and soon after, Belmuhn arrived to help move the weapons shipment to an undisclosed location. You showed him the coffer, he claimed he was unable to manipulate it and seemingly was of little help. He did mention over hearing a loud argument between Umbrae and Datarius. 
  • You teleported back to The Six enclave. Things were very morose. Even the normally cheerful House Hardegin was overcome with a sense of servitude and sad acceptance.
  • Vega went to her room while Umbrae shared news from House Sawyer on recent strange occurrences in and around Out Town.

    • A strange Tiefling (sounded like Kyril) had been seen meeting with the tainted Duergar around the Bloody Bucket. 
    • The Asura frequent an alchemists shop called Quotles. 
  • Mal, Vasha and Teena went to the Bloody Bucket. Haakon and Laelia wore the scars of a new rough-and-tumble clientele…Asura. According the Haakon, they go crazy for Cooper Shine. Examining a bottle of Coopers Shine displayed a photo of Wilbur with a date of birth and very recent date of death. 
  • Mal, Vasha and Teena went to Vega's house, only to see it had been converted into a whore house/drug ring. A very doped-up Stacey was seen passed out inside with a zerk pipe in hand. 
  • Vega attempted to leave her room, but was confronted by Umbrae and others about the coffer that was in their possession and more importantly, about its contents;

    • A woven, steel headband with runes resembling a dervish dancer. You would later learn it was a high quality copy of a the actual headband Umbrae would use to open and close the Gateway of The Six. 
  • Vega was grounded to her room, but used her bauble to escape to Asmunds. 
  • Mal, Vasha and Teena attempted to return to The Six, but were not allowed in. Soon, Cameal would meet them in The Bloody Bucket to explain why. 
  • Another coffer, with another fake headband exists and according to Camael, was found in Datarius's room.
  • Camael would use his influence to get 3/4 of the murder hobos back into House Hardegin. 
  • Mal and Teena would sneak off and search Datarius's room. There they would discover;

    • Items in a false bottom drawer that appear to belong to Father Malkus.
    • A note, on the floor of an otherwise spotless room that had the following coordinates handwritten upon it, 43.01,-88.231667.
  • The Hobos would present their coffer and Camael would read the illusory script and open it. The illusory script also read 43.01,-88.231667. Inside was another fake headband (see above).
  • Vega arrived back from here vacation at Asmunds complete with ham sandwich and Camaels war hammer…which she would give to Vasha right in front of Camael.
  • You would search out the coordinates, a dilapidated warehouse in Grujo's district and find another note, with the handwritten coordinates on it, 43.01,-88.231667.  Vega and Mal would soon identify the handwriting of one Belmuhn Sewal. 
Session 28
Duergar Soup

Total Xp 50,400 (12,600 each + 1,000 xp Christmas bonus)

  • All of the Duergar that were defending the weapons shipment along with the clockwork spy have (seemingly) been destroyed.
  • You have looted the bodies of the dead; however, you have yet to search the cargo.
  • One of the casters, shortly before falling unconscious, replaced Vasha's left leg with a tentacle. 

    • This Duergar bled a greenish ichor. 
  • These Duergar had horns and the magic users donned holy symbols of Andak the Dismembered. 
Session 27
The Weapons Shipment

Total XP 4000 (1000 each)


The night started with you joining Umbrae, Belmuhn Sewal, Camael and Argent Aimes (of House Owain) in a meeting with Andak the Dismembered to hear the terms of the Asura. You learned quickly that Andak was not actually in Tempests Reach; however, a powerful Asura introduced as Overlord Zez'Gath met with you. He delivered the terms of the Asura invasion; 


  • "Yes…Umbrae Khalazza. The incestuous sins of The 6 have caught the attention of Andak the Dismembered. Your once meek castaways will make fine soldiers. We will require more."
  • "Those women who are ripe and the males that can impregnate them shall get to live, imprisoned to procreate in service to Andak. Those whom cannot shall die…painfully."
  • "Ah yes, Vega Anteaus. Andak thanks you for your service, eliminating the fetid waste of flesh that temporality thwarted our plans, closing the portal. Dispatching of the widow is looked upon favorably. Andak offers you the opportunity to serve him in the high clergy. Your companions, of course, can join you; however, an oath of fealty is required from them. Otherwise, they should leave…"


It appears Vega and the Murder Hobos have turned down Zez'Gath's offer.


Not having many other options, The Six agreed to the terms with the hope that The Murder Hobos could assist in liberating them behind the scenes by completing a number of objectives to sabotage/weaken the invasion of the Asura. 


In House Hardegin, Umbrae introduced you to the new variant of fiendish mongrelman soldier the Asura were attempting to create more of. The new mongrleman seemed even more feral, more evil and was donning a powerful version of demon armor crafted by the duergar of Pyrebury. 


Via House Sawyer's spies, Umbrae learned of a massive shipment of this special armor headed for Tempests Reach. The first objective of the party was to intercept and disable/stop the weapons shipment.


You caught up with the large caravan just east of Floering. Malgruum masterfully (and undetected) disabled all four wheels, the rear axle and the clockwork steed that was pulling the massive load. It was clear that the caravan wouldn't be moving anywhere, anytime soon. Before he could return to the party, Vega let lose an Ice Storm spell and the duergar were instantly aware of your presence. 


Soon after, violence would erupt. With some still invisible, hiding or yet to engage…a dangerous game fo chess has begun on The High Road that runs from Floering to Tempest Reach. On a more worrisome note, who knows what type of data the clockwork spy flying above the caravan is transmitting. 


Session 26
The Asura Attack!

XP 110,000 (27,500 each)

  • The party reunited (thanks to Asmund) at The Academy and made some relatively light work of the Fendigo.
  • A quick tour of the Academy revealed Camael's Warhammer and Belmuhn's broken spectacles near large pools of blood and viscera.
  • Fenrick's body and Camael's Warhammer were left with Asmund for examination.  
  • Asmund had Kyril make adjustments to Vasha's Ursine Rageskin. The activation word is now "Huggle".
  • Asmund also added magical sapphires to the hilts of Maalgrums weapons, improving their magical quality/potency. 
  • You returned to Tempests Reach to deliver Litia's body to Haakon and see that Fenricks rapier was properly hung over the hearth at The Bloody Bucket. The windows of the inn were boarded up and you quickly learned that a hoard of Asura had come forth from the bowels of the city and were trying to break into The Six via The Gateway. It seems as thought the two Adhukait whom had tried to abduct Vega may have found the portal-tongue that had been entrusted to Camael. 
  • A message was sent magically to Umbrae Khallaza and soon you were inside The Six enclave.
  • Belmuhn greeted you, seemingly unscathed but without his famous spectacles. He mentioned how excited Camael would be to see Vega. 
  • According to Umbrae and Belmuhn, Andak the Dismembered himself is in Tempests Reach and a meeting was scheduled to discuss the current situation…The Murder Hobos had been invited. 
Session 25
Nice knowing you Fenrick!

No XP rewarded, PC's were instructed to take level 10. 

The party traveled to Wickham Bay with Belmuhn Sewal, visiting The Academy of Pantheism and Esoteric Arcanum.

<u>Malgruum & Vasha</u>

Mal & Vasha were given a tour of The Academy of Pantheism and Esoteric Arcanum and treated to lunch by the one-and-only Trill Wickham. Trill admitted to having been scrying on Vega since a monkey tore a chunk of her hair out earlier in the campaign. He complimented Mal & Vasha on their combat skills.

He admitted to having been behind the Winter Fest gifts and presented Mal and Vasha each with a magical necklace/amulet. The gifts were presented with a mutual understanding that Mal & Vasha would stay out of Fenrick's and Vega's family business.He proceeding to tell the fable of The Hare and The Hound. He suggested that Mal & Vasha not be like the hare, stop trying to understand/communicate with the hound on the hounds level, the hare should simply go away…leave the hound be. 

"Perhaps you're mistaken in assuming I was a hare" Vasha

Trill explained The Dogs in the Dark and why they needed the children with familiars. He explained their powers being tested as an alternative energy source to stabilize the realm. He explained the roles of the The Red Elephants and The Black Otters in all things. He outlined the Council of Trill and how the overuse of PSO's was weakening the realm against other, possibly more dangerous planar incursions.

Towards the end of the conversation, Trill looked suddenly distracted and excused himself.

Upon leaving the garden of the Academy Vasha and Malgruum came upon a horrific scene of great slaughter.


After spending some time in her quarters,  Vega joined Camael in his quarters for lunch with him, Lester and Ainsley (Roger and Stuarts parents). 

Camael began with a trip down memory lane, speaking about Vega's parents and eluding to her mother in the present tense. He soon became agitated, obsessing about Vega's constant meddling, not living up to her expectations, hanging out with the wrong crowd etc. He had had enough, and was sending Vega to live in an observatory known as The Dim Gate, deep in The Devils Crown mountain range

"Vega! You will leave here via a portal or rolled up in a f&#king rug!" 

Lester and Ainsley actually turned out to be Adhukait Asura. The Asura were forced to deal with a summoned hound archon while Camael grappled Vega and started forcing her towards a portal in the bowels of The Academy. 

With quick thinking Vega used the strange bauble Asmund had given her and instead of being forced to walk through a portal, she ended up in the common area of Asmund's tower. Overall he was pleasant. He gave Vega a big "I told you so…" regarding the company she kept.

Still at his tower, Asmund has sent Kyril to retrieve Vasha and Malgrumm and bring them to his tower/Vega.


Fenrick was escorted by Belmuhn Sewal to a laboratory where Litia was being kept alive and the wendigo curse kept at bay. After hearing her scream in agony, Fenrick charged off while Belmuhn collapsed…begging Fenrick to wait. 

A series of strange clone-like creatures were in the room constantly logging and documenting in perfect sync with one another. 

In a rage, Fenrick tore through the strange creatures. After calming down, he studied their journals and began to attempt to disassemble and/or turn off the strange device Litia was connected to. He failed. The caustic fluid and electrical impulses quickly sucked the life from Litia and Fenrick transformed into a wendigo. 

He began to move through The Academy. First, killing Belmuhn Sewal. Next, he took out a countless number of students and faculty. Last, he murdered Camael Anteaus. 

Camael's last words were "….Vega doesn't know…."


Session 24

Total XP 12,800 (3,200 xp each)

  • The night started with two of Lord Zul's Twice Born having you follow them behind a coastal resort, near a water fall, where a marsh giant, boggard and four-armed sahuagin resembling more of an angler fish than a shark attempted to ambush you. 

    • They all wore colors and symbols associating them with the cult of Dagon. 
    • At least two references were made to "take the girl and kill the others".
    • The boggard and strange sahuagin fled, but you were able to kill the marsh giant and loot his Bracelet of Dagon.
    • Before leaving, you defaced the two Twice Born with inappropriate symbols. 
  • You spent some time in Magia Guerra gathering information. You learned that Black Otters were an organization that "solved problems" and "made things and situations go away". You also learned that Apso Seng Kyi was a breed of dog commonly referred to as a temple dog, often found in monastery's and the temples and shrines of certain deities; Irori, for an example. 
  • Darcy and Marcy decided to make an appearance. 
  • Vasha received an urgent sending that ex-constable of Tempest Reach Fenwick Mowbray has escaped incarceration. 
  • Upon returning to Luthor Zul's manor you came across Belmuhn Sewal. He was waiting at Zul manor to have lunch with Luthor. He seemed happy to see you. He stated he had been in Magia Guerra for three days. Soon, he would be returning home, with a quick stop in Wickham Bay. He offered to teleport you.

    • You had lunch with Sewal, during which you made reference to Apso Seng Kyi and 'dead things rolled up in rugs". 
    • Although he tried to play cool, his side glances clearly stated "how dare you" and "tread lightly". 
    • He again warned Vega about the company she keeps.
    • He eluded that maybe Vasha should leave "well enough alone".

Dagon (pronounced DAY-gon) is the Demon Lord of the Sea and Sea Monsters that dwell in its darkest depths. His unholy symbol is an octopus eye surrounded by a gold disk inscribed with ancient looking runes.


Dagon is believed to be the largest of all the known demon lords. Dagon's appearance is hideously monstrous and somewhat alien, being neither fully fish, eel, or octopus; he is some foul amalgamation of all three. His spawn often take after him, similarly disgusting combinations of deep sea creatures.


Dagon is one of the oldest beings in the Abyss being one of the ancient qlippoth, the creatures that dwell in the abyss before demons. Dagon dwells in the depths of the Abyssal sea of Ishiar, in a sunken city known as Ugothanok a city with architecture so ancient as to be almost alien. Dagon is said to have slain the great kraken Kaktora, thereby creating the devilfish now haunting The Obsidian Sea.

Cult and worshippers

Dagon is quite active on the Material Plane, regularly sending his demonic minions to the deep oceans of the world to become high priests for evil aquatic monster races, such as his gutaki or deep one followers. He is even worshiped by some of the more savage sahuagin tribes. Unfortunately, Dagon's foul influence is not limited to the ocean depths; he is also revered by some debased coastline societies. In these twisted communities, land dwellers mix with ichthyic beings from the depths, spawning horrible cross-breeds which have no place in the natural order of things. Marsh giants are normally the most fervent of Dagon's land-based followers, but his cult has been growing among humans in isolated villages, who secretly turn to his worship, sometimes on the promise of bountiful fishing or alien golden jewelry.



Titles The Shadow in the Sea,
Shadow Lord of the Sea,
Demon Lord of the Sea and Sea Monsters
Home Ugothanok city, in Ishiar, in the Abyss
Alignment Chaotic evil
Areas of Concern Deformity
Sea monsters
The Sea
Worshipers Desperate or insane coastal dwellers, boggards, heretical sahuagin and skum, krakens, marsh giants
Cleric Alignments
Domains Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Water
Subdomains Catastrophe, Demon, Oceans, Rage
Favored Weapon Trident
Symbol Gold disk inscribed with sinister runes around an open octopus eye
Sacred Animal Fish
Sacred Colors Blue, gold
Correspondence From Luthor Zul's Manor
two handwritten notes found on the floor, near a desk...

(Note 1)

Lord Zul,
Thank you for your kind note.
After much thought, I wanted to ensure you that “the arrangement” will not have to change under my leadership. Please, no worries. Business as usual.
Warden Akatay Atajin

(Note 2)

Thank you for a lovely time in Magia Guerra. What an absolutely breathtaking coastline.
Thank you for your continued support in all of our endeavors. Without your otters, the dogs could not exist.
History will mark you a hero.
The Sphere will be forever grateful for the work and sacrifice we have long endured on their behalf.
Apso Seng Kyi


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