The Sphere

Session 12 Notes
Nice day for a wedding...but not for crafts.

Total XP 5800 (1450 each)

Prestige +1, Honor +1

One profound interaction with Laelia, Malkus, Ashling, Arlin and Haakon. 

Fame Update! Your current fame score should be 5 (your level) + Charisma modifier + 9 (total fame/prestige points awarded to date). This should place all of you above a Fame score of 10, which comes with new unlocks/abilities and increases your sphere of influence. 

  • With the help of Asmund the Great it seems the issues you had with Coughing August and his guild are solved. Maalgrum has been officially kicked from the guild. You learned that The Wasp is actually Coughing August's daughter…lucky fella!
  • Constable Fenwick Mowbray claims to have a body as he continues to go after Vasha (legally). It may just be a matter of time before Vasha is arrested again.  
  • You all arrived to celebrate the wedding of Haakon and Litia. 

    • Litia crafted an obnoxious tiara of misc. antlers and we learned that Vega hates crafts.
    • Before the wedding, you discovered Litia, removing her face…with some scissors. Before you could fully investigate…wedding crashers arrived!
    • The Adhukait and two of the fiendish mongrelmen burst into the Bloody Bucket.
    • The mongrelmen were quickly dispatched, the Adhukait was restrained (dual headlock) and you are in the process of taking it to the Temple of Iomedae (along with the very brave Father Malkus).
    •  Marcy & Darcy decided to pay a visit. 


Tempests Reach Chronicle, Issue # 142
Massive Earthquake Rocks The Burning Isles!

A massive earthquake has reportedly rocked the Burning Isles.

There are reports of devastation throughout Dagons Teeth with the heaviest damage centralized near The Institution. 

Local authorities have confirmed the notorious prison has been completely destroyed. As of now, there are no survivors recorded on the prison island. 

The Chronicle will run special editions as long as needed to bring you updates as they break.    

Session 11 Notes
Fenrick's mom is a ho!...and she be crazy!

Total XP (party was instructed to take level 5)

+1 Honor, +3 Prestige

  • The evening began with all but Maalgrum leaving the magistrates office and heading back to The Bloody Bucket. Maalgrum was recovering from being poisoned the previous night.
  • In speaking with Saber Lynch, Vasha admitted to murder but claimed self defense.  
  • Litia is involved in a romantic relationship with Haakon. She also seems to be hearing voices. 
  • Taking Maalgrum for some restorative healing at the church of Iomedae you met a trustworthy cleric named Malkus. 

    • Malkus restored Maalgrum
    • Malkus offered to assist with the Asura problem; however, once confrontation began, he was clearly out of his league. 
  • Soon you were confronted by a far more dangerous Asura, an Adhukait. Fenrick delivered a powerful blow and the creature fled, but not before killing Mongrel-baby/Tripurasura (which he referred to as "Adeptus"). The Adhukait was also looking for the portal key (tongue). 
  • Camael's courier, a halfling named Arbitio Brown delivered a blouse as a gift to Vega. He made no mention of Stuart. His spider monkey "Harry" panicked and attacked Vega, tearing chunks of hair from her head, which Arbitio stuffed into his pouch.
  • You seem to have Lucky Bright and The Wasp right where you want them! Currently you have them as prisoners.  
Session 10 Notes
Mongrelwomen, Moms & Mobrays...

Total XP 4000 (1000 xp each)

1 honor point, 1 prestige point

  • You started the evening taking the Tripurasura to House Hardegin, hoping they may be able to assist in dealing with the issue. On the way, you crossed paths with Datarius. He stated he was looking for Vega anyway, Umbrae had found Stuart (Stuarts body) and it was awaiting her at House Hardegin. 
  • Upon entering, Umbrae and several other house members were waiting in the atrium. A conversation about Asuras and Mongrelmen began with Umbrae insisting she had no knowledge of the existence of Mongrelmen; however, when the "red eyed" Mongrelmen were mentioned the attitude/body language/etc. in the room switched and Umbrae could be overheard instructing Datarius to "contact Thoggour…I want a dozen more assassins…I don't care how much it costs".
  • Vega mourned the loss of Stuart. His body was blackened and emaciated. His forehead and temples looked as though they had had screws inserted into them, similar to that of a medical "halo". Although devoid of magic, it looked as though Stuarts entire life force had been violently stripped from him.

    • Vega requested the body be sent to her Uncle Camael in Wickham Bay. She also sent along a letter. 
  •   While Vega mourned, Fenrick, Vasha and Maalgrum ventured to the fighting pits where a reanimated Squeeze (now referred to as Re-Squeeze) was set to fight Widow of Kugg. Vasha and Fenrick "Sewer Troll" Dale entered the pits and ended the fight (winning a modest purse for themselves). Widow of Kugg was saved and later escorted back to the sewers along with a potion of expeditious retreat from Vasha.
  • A small verbal confrontation between Vasha and Umbrae began after the pits. Seems like they parted on poor terms. 
  • Once back at the Bloody Bucket, Constable Fenwick Mobray was waiting. He accused the party of a recent double murder and claimed he had two witnesses that saw Vasha commit murder. He took Vasha into custody. You know the thieves guild pays Mobray and he was carrying a new, high quality weapon. You were also relatively certain that Mobray is fishing because he doesn't have a body. 
  • Maalgrum went to discuss this "murder matter" with Coughing August but was met by Augusts favorite assassination duo, Lucky Bright and The Wasp. Maalgrum was able to escape this time…but you can bet this team of assassins will be relentless!
  • Fenricks mother Litia surprised him with a visit to the Bloody Bucket. She stated that the village of Deren was all but gone and she had no other place to go. She inquired why Fenrick had not responded to her sendings. She stated that all of Deren disappeared under similar, strange circumstances. "Food still on the stove…and elk antlers". 
  • After Vega filed paperwork to expedite the process, Vasha had his moment in front of a magistrate. He met the prosecutor, Venin Gray and the defense representative Saber Lynch. Mobray was a no-show, which didn't appear to sit well with the magistrate. Vasha was released on his own recognizance…for now. 
Session 9 Notes
Introducing The Murder Hobos!

Total XP: 3,650 

1 Prestige Point and 2 Honor Points

Captain Arlin is now a contact, albeit "skeptical" (trust score of 2)

You finished up work in The Siphons, dispatching Mirik the Drowned and his network of ghouls. The Puddles District should be safe once more (well…"safer" anyway)

After receiving your reward from Arlin, you returned to Tempests Reach and turned in for the night. Fenrick awoke to Mongrelbaby going through his packs. Mongrelbaby had stolen the rotting tongue/portal key. After some questioning, it was revealed that Mongrelbaby is actually a Tripurasura (a low tier Asura).

Currently you have the little Asura tied up.

Your adventuring party is officially called…The Murder Hobos. 

Session 8 Notes
All Hail The Pig!

Total XP 4000 (1000 xp each)

  • Before leaving for "The Ward", Coughing August sent some ruffians to try to teach Maalgrum a lesson. They were quickly dispatched. 
  • "Mongrel-baby" appeared at The Bloody Bucket and awaits a proper name. 
  • Vega's Uncle Camael arrived to remove her (loudly) from House Hardegin. He was accompanied by a man you would later learn to be Belmuhn Sewal. Upon leaving, via telepathy, Umbrae apologized to Vega and swore to uphold the agreement, finding Roger and Stuart for her.
  • You traveled to Shipwrights Ward and began investigating the recent disappearances in The Puddles district. After hearing stories about bitten/eaten flesh and little blue men you ventured into The Siphons, a network of tunnels below the district that are essentially a failed attempt to divert high tide (now home to some criminals and apparently strange, undead flesh eaters).
  • One in particular, introduced himself as "Mirik" before vanishing and swearing to torment you in the Siphons…

Tempests Reach Chronicle, Issue # 140
Long Tim Warden of The Institution Has Passed Away

Ardis Sigin, long time warden of The Institution, passed away late last week. His health had been in steady decline since he was asked to step down as warden last month. 

Long time judge, Akatay Atajin has been running The Institution since. He has commented on how much sadness this news brings to him and his staff at the infamous prison. 

The new warden seems to be performing well in his position, not much news has been coming out of The Institution recently. 

More information on services and opportunities to pay respects throughout The Sphere will be available soon. 

Session 7 Notes
Hold Your Tongue!

Total XP 2000 (500 xp each)

  • You began the evening with further exploration of the cavern system below Tempest Reach.

    • After trying to hand over Mongrel-Baby to Widow of Kugg (who became Bride of Dorak for a short time but, thanks to Vega became Widow of Dorak) you learned mongrel-people (according to W.O.K/D. cannot have babies…but they do enjoy eating them. You also helped yourself to some House Armand bracers W.O.K/D. had in crates in her "home".
    • You discovered an archway (later learned it was an inert portal to a terrible place) constructed of severed, rotting, screaming heads. One of them was missing a tongue. Upon further investigation, two strange creatures attacked you, one shrieking loudly and alarming the fiendish mongrelmen of your presence. After dispatching the strange, flying heads three mongrlemen appeared to lead you to safety/help you escape. One of them, passed a severed tongue to Fenrick Dale (seemingly the missing portion of the odd portal). 
  • You narrowly escaped the cavern system and returned to The Bloody Bucket. 

    • You met Captain Arlin from Shipwrights Ward. He was the owner of the jade necklace you had found. He thanked you wholeheartedly, and he inquired on whether or not you could join him in The Ward and help investigate a number of recent disappearances in the dilapidated Puddles District. he mentioned a reward.
    • Kyril burst into the tavern. He had been discovered by his master and seemingly linked you to the "missing property". Soon you met Asmund the Great and he challenged you to find his property "or else". You found the ring at the upstart thieves guild and with Kyril returned it to Asmund. As a thank you, Asmund gave you a device that would teleport you to his tower upon breaking it. He mentioned his recent obsession/project was studying The Phase. He is a stubborn, angry, easily annoyed man. He issued a warning to Vega when you departed "be wary of dark elves girl!"
    • You had a message sent to Ashling by one of her colleagues describing the strange activity in the cavern complex, the portal and the fiendish trespassers 
    • As the party set out to join Arlin in Shipwrights Ward, Vega decided to visit House Hardegin to check on the status of their search for Roger and Stuart (her friends). The drow are acting stranger than usual and have, by all appearances, taken Vega hostage (in the most passive aggressive way possible).
    • They knew of the parties recent activities and are being very inquisitive as to what you may have seen and what you may think you know.
    • Datarius (moon face) created a fake sending to Vasha, Fenrick and Maalgrum proclaiming his engagement to Vega. It was so fake, it was almost read as a "taunt". 
Session 6 Notes
Deeper into the caverns...

Total XP Awarded: 2000 (500 xp each) 

  • You traveled deeper into the cavern complex underneath Tempests Reach.
  • Venturing into the Mongrelmen encampment on what you believe to be the second or third level of the cavern system you discovered a peculiar scene. A huge chieftain (Chief Kugg) lay dead and his widow knelt over him in mourning;

    • There were several spent torches at this scene, odd because you had believed the Mongrelmen to be able to see in darkness. You would later learn that Kugg was regularly visited by humans/humanoids (Widow of Kugg was unable to pin point to exact race).
    • After examining the body, Vega determined cause of death to be an extremely sharp piercing item with precision wound placement. One wound to the head, one to the heart and one to the kidney. You believe the murderer to be the clockwork assassin you had previously encountered on this same level of the complex.    
    • Chief Kugg was surprisingly "well geared". Maalgrum pulled a ring of feather-falling from his corpse.
    • A large number of crates with symbols of House Armand and House Owain were stockpiled here. In them were various high quality kits, tools, potions, and one contained a dozen pair of bracers. Among the most curious was an entire shipping case full of very valuable holy symbols dedicated to the God of Magic, Nethys. This container was marked with the symbol of House Owain, who you know to strictly worship the God Ferrakus.
    • Widow of Krugg proved to be helpful, she lead you to two potential exits from this level of the cavern system. First, a crevice leading down. Second, a pool of water, supporting vegetation (including a large, lightning struck tree) that lay under a huge whole in the cavern roof exposed to the outside world. You were able to see the night sky and determine you had moved  more east, closer to the coast of the Obsidian Sea, from your original position underneath Tempests Reach.
    • Widow of Kugg also gave you a little insight on their culture, like how a new chieftain will be selected and informed you that "the bad ones" lived below, even eluding to a potential demonic, devil or fiendish presence among them. She also stated that the lower you go…the larger you can expect the Mongrelmen to get.    
  • You descended to the next level of the complex;

    • You uncovered another piece of the clockwork hound in an oddly placed pile of debris.
    • You were attacked by a group of Chokers. The same creatures used as slaves and entertainment by House Hardegin. 
    • You came across some areas that looked as though the stone had been worked or mined at some point in time, explaining some of the debris. 
    • You stumbled upon an area where large Mongrelmen with glowing red eyes walked among large piles of dead "normally sized" Mongrelmen. They walked with a purpose. They were on high alert. Later, down this same corridor, Vasha would retrieve a "Mogrel-Toddler" who was using its voice mimicry ability to sound like a weeping Vega (or at least that is how some of you heard it). 
    • You discovered a crevice leading down yet again.  The temperature continues to rise the lower you get; however, this time it was mixed with the sweet tinged of ocean air. This crevice drops into an area of completely worked and supported stone.  

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