The Sphere

Session 20
The Bogeyman Cometh

8000 xp (2000 each)

  • Vashas murder trial ended.

    • The magistrate apologized on behalf of the city and the city watch.
    • He left the docket open in case Vasha wanted to seek restitution.
    • He ordered Mowbray taken into custody; charged with witness and evidence tampering and submitting fictitious evidence. 
    • The magistrate made it clear that no further charges would be or could be filed against Vasha in relation to this matter, a complete exoneration. 
  • You took a job as guards for a group of musicians, The Emerald Leopards.

    • They offered 2 gold each per day to see them safely on tour, stopping in villages on the way from Floering to Shipwrights Ward. 
    • Allister, Alex and Alexa. Nice but a tad hippy-ish.
    • They have a high quality PSO (planar stabilization orb) attached to their "tour bus". Taking the assignment allows for safe travel to Shipwrights Ward.
    • You are following the trail of of the strange sea freight-bill that mentioned the Red Elephants and a strange shipment of rugs and carpets, heading to Shipwrights Ward and then sailing to the home of a "Luthor Zul" in Magia Guerra.  
  • When we ended the night you had just emerged from Homestead Grove. You are about 13 days into the trip, roughly the halfway point. Some interesting points along the way;

    • You encountered a sheep, killed by a huge talon and seemingly dropped from the sky.
    • In the middle of the road, a large, worked-stone marker jutted up from the ground. Although it was a normal marker…it was clearly not in its intended location. No signs of what or whom may have moved it were present. 
    • You encountered a tree know as a Corpsefruit Tree. Malgruum and most of The Emerald Leopards were compelled to eat its fruit and suffered the consequences, severe nightmares, for 3 days. 
    • You saw a crew of Duergar repairmen from Pyrebury replacing a PSO along the banks of the La-Dee-Da River. 
    • Your first night in the grove presented you with three, green-skinned crones in the middle of some dark incantation. The incantation was in Aklo as were their attempts to communicate with you. None of you spoke Aklo, so you have no clue what was said or cast.

      • You attacked and quickly dispatched the crones…and they seemed happy about it. 
      • They left behind a hoard of strange treasure. An alchemists formula book, a suit of ursine rageskin and a ring of sustenance.
    • The next day at breakfast a Boogeyman appeared, ruthlessly pursuing Vasha. The strange fey creature killed Vahsa, but brought him back…because he didn't want "the hunt " to end so soon. He left, promising to return the next day.
Session 19
Sit Jake...Good Jake

No XP awarded, simply take level 7

Prestige Points: 1 to Maalgrum (over 30 on a skill check), 2 to Fenrick (over 30 on two skill checks)

  • The last fig/rice pudding went out. Vega gave Datarius frog eyes in a fig pudding.
  • Day 5 of Winterfest started with three representatives of The Six arriving at The Bloody Bucket to present you with gifts as a reward for your heroic actions during the Procession of The Six. Carbonne Owain, Tes Hewitt and a Kasatha from House Armand (you could not understand his/her name) presented each of you with your choice of a magical, fusible gem. Maalgrum and Vasha selected Gems of the Red Sun, Vega took a Lightning Gem and Fenrick took the Scoria Stone.
  • At lunch, multiple messengers had arrived. One delivered a message to Vega and one to the entire party; 

    • From Captain Arlin, a Sea Waybill describing a shipment from The Red Elephants to a home in Magia Guerra of some 25 rugs, carpets, etc. The freight was prepaid, but no weight was listed on the bill, which is extremely odd. Grujo Trevil had signed the bill. 
  • By dinner, two Duergar from Pyrebury, Dalomnur and Jaldroki arrived at The Bloody Bucket, questioning "The Hobos" about the events resulting in the destruction of at least two, and theft of at least one clockwork assassin. You traded your crude silver and the buried clockwork assassin for the restoration of the clockwork hound you named Jake. This transaction had to be approved by Mr. Thoggour Grimshaper himself (leader of Pyrebury).  

    • You later found the hounds hidden compartment to be a handy place to store free buffet food. 
  • Stacy presented Vega with a substantial amount of gold. It was discovered that Davian Sr. had passed from a drug overdose and, contrary to popular belief, actually had a decent estate. You did not see who presented the estate to Stacy, she simply described them as a judiciary or government figure. 
  • On day 6 of Winterfest, Vasha was crowned King of Winterfest, much to the dismay of Constable Fenwick Mowbray. Looks like the fun is just starting for our Ifrit friend…
  • With Winterfest ending, Maalgrum and Ashling worked together, utilizing disguises, and transported the editor of the Tempest Reach Chronicle to a rangers outpost for safe keeping, until he can testify to his statements about young Davian at Vasha's trial. 
  • It was decided that you would reach out to Saber Lynch and pay to fast track what will hopefully be the last trial you need to attend for some time. 


Session 18
The odor of Figs & Shame...

Total XP 4,000 (1,000 each)

  • You visited with Davian's boss at the Tempests Reach Chronicle. He agreed to ID the body and presented Saber Lynch with a formal statement. Saber Lynch stated she would not submit the statement until after Winterfest, giving you time to plan on protecting the witness. 
  • Two wagons of Mongrelmen were paraded through the city streets by Mowbray. "Off to the plank with these beasts!" "Broad and un-civil behavior will be punished!" These beasts will meet Mt. Reysalon!" "You don't lay hands on The Six!". "All hail The Six". 

    • Mowbrays spectacle was accompanied by signs, jeers from the crowd, rotten vegetable tosses, the works! 
    • The wagons were manned by city watchmen and had very low-grade/government quality planar stabilization orbs.
  • The Brides! Weddings were all over Out Town on day 3 of Winterfest. You laid low for the most part, briefly assisting in calming an angry mob (someone whom you assumed to be Lucky Bright was disguised as a child, stealing wedding gifts, although not cash or jewels). Eventually, Maalgrum, Laelia and Fenrick would partake in the festivities.   
  • Davian Sr. started hanging around the Bucket, trying to manipulate Stacy. Haakon wanted to fire Stacy, for she had been sneaking Davian Sr. into The Bucket via the back door at night. Vasha convince him otherwise and Stacy was taken to live with Vega, assuming they could keep her new home secret and her safe from Davian Sr's toxic presence.
  • Day 4, Fig & Rice Pudding Exchange Begins!

    • Vasha was busiest, presenting gifts to the entire city watch/town guard, survivors & victims families from the blood bath that was supposed to be The Procession of The Six, Asmund, Kyril, Umbrae Khalaza (who was especially touched) and all of the characters from The Bloody Bucket (Haakon, Arlin, Laelia, Ashling & Marlow, etc. etc. 
    • Lucky & The Wasp presented each of you with a bowl of pudding containing a very expensive large diamond, it would seem the past is behind them. 
    • Asmund sent (via Kyril…and it had to be wrestled out of him) 3 powerful magic rings and another summoning bauble for Vega. 
    • Constable Mowbray presented steaming turds (should have come as no surprise).
    • Datarius gave Vega a dried up Lizard…a tad surprising. 
    • Umbrae presented Vega with a gift and Vasha with a platinum embossed entry coin.
    • Umbrae stated she would start the search for Roger and Stuarts missing sister. 
    • Vega left her gift for Belmuhn Sewal with Umbrae, asking her to deliver it. 
    • 2 plainly dressed men (obnoxiously plain/new clothes) arrived at The Bloody Bucket and presented all four of you with puddings containing 2 silver coins (no significance in the coin type or quantity). Both wore symbols as brooches, stylized outlines of a black sea otter.
  • Maalgrum assassinated Davian Sr. staging a drug overdose. While at the Tenements, he noticed Lucky Bright handing out "gifts" to less fortunates.  




Tempests Reach Chronicle, Issue # 144
It's a Miracle! Warden Akatay Atajin Found Alive!

Recently a powerful earthquake rocked The Burning Isles. Until now all inhabitants of The Institution were believed to be deceased.

Just yesterday, the warden of The Institution, Akatay Atajin appeared in Sangra. 

Visibly weak and clearly shaken from his recent experiences, he is being sent to Magia Guerra for recovery in a private hospital. 

It is uncertain if there are more survivors, but Akatay Atajin is expected to brief the Chronicle in full once his wounds have healed. 

Session 17
Who wants whore coupons?

Total XP 4,040 (1,010 each)

  • Constable Mowbray attempted to take Vasha into custody but Camael intervened, vowing for Vasha and after settling other matters, personally bringing him to jail. After a brief hearing, Vasha was released on a 30,000 gold piece signature bond. "The body" was admitted into evidence and you instantly recognized it as the town crier/chronicle sales-boy who was killed during your battle with Lucky Bright and The Wasp. Saber Lynch actually wants to have Lucky testify to the authenticity of "the body"; however, you didn't agree with the idea. 
  • Surviving mongrels were rounded up and taken to jail, who knows what the future holds for them. You re-entered the sewers and Maalgrum discovered a large number of mainly female and child mongrels left in the cavern complex.
  • Datarius thanked Vega for her help and asked if it was her love for him that drove her to help kill Widow of Kugg.
  • The Six ended their participation in Winter Fest early, sealing the Gateway.
  • Temporarily, House Hardegin has suspended all but platinum tokens.
  • Back at the Bloody Bucket (or home in Vegas case) were gift wrapped boxes, simply saying "Happy Winterfest!". Inside were powerful/custom magic items. 
  • You had asked Arlin about the dead children and "halos". He was unaware, but assured you he would keep an eye out for them/any suspicious activity on the docks in Shipwrights Ward.
  • Litia left with Camael. He promised to see to her well being and investigate what may be happening in Deren. 
  • Maalgrum informed Camael about the "halos" being shipped to his university. He seemed uninterested.
  • Fenrick learned the Asura communicating with him was (or claimed to be) Andak The Dismembered. Fenrick sent the portal key (severed tongue) with Camael for safe keeping. This seemed to have enraged the Asura. While investigating the portal, Camael tried to strike it with his warhammer, knocking everybody backwards (and some down). This seemed like a real "rookie" move for such an experienced cleric.
  • Maalgrum picked Fenwick Mowbrays pockets when they were leaving court. He looted 3 cp, 1 sp, a "platinum whore coupon" for The Fair Maiden in Out Town and a severed ear.
  • Vasha decided to lay low inside The Bloody Bucket, making copious amounts of fig and rice pudding with Haakon. 
  • Vega shopped with Belmuhn Sewal. He was begging her to get a boat and watch The Lighting of The Great Flight from The Obsidian Sea.
  • Maalgrum and Fenrick decided to do some digging and help prove Vasha's innocence.

    • They learned the boys (and his fathers) name was Davian. His mother was a prostitute who worked at The Fair Maiden named Stacy.
    • Davian Sr. is a zerk addict/alcoholic who lives in The Tenements.
    • Davian Jr.'s mother Stacy had black eyes and was missing an ear. She was unaware of her sons death, but told you if he was missing you could check with the Tempests Reach Chronicle to see his last day worked. 
    • You bought the one-eared whore from Argun Quell for 500 gp. 


Session 16

Total XP 18,200 :  (4550 each)

Honor Points: 1  Prestige Points: 2

  • You walked with Belmuhn back to Grujos borough to check the status of the warehouses and show Belmuhn the "halos". You noticed fresh wagon wheel imprints in the grass near the magical doors. Belmuhn used his magical glasses to note multiple crates had been moved from this section of the warehouse by large human men who seemed hasted and panicked. 
  • Camael arrived as you were headed to the tenements to have Belmuhn view it through his magical glasses. You were honest and brought Camael up to speed on recent events. He had no idea what the red/crimson elephant symbol was for, stating, "you can't expect me to note every street gang that suddenly pops up in Tempest Reach!"
  • With Belmuhn and Camael, you went to tenements. Belmuhn's visions in the tenements included humans rolling the tenement children into rugs and loading them into a cart. These men donned symbols of a black-sea otter. Again Camael claimed to not know anything about the "otters". Belmuhn was actually very helpful, even making suggestions on areas to search and view through his magical spectacles. 
  • Camael informed you that Roger and Stuarts sister was now missing.
  • At The Procession of the Six, after all hell broke lose, you spotted Litia. She seemed very sickly, having lost approximately 15 lbs and having hair falling out in large clumps.
  • During The Procession of The Six, a mob of Mongrelmen erupted from the sewers and streets and engaged House Hardegin and House Armand in combat.
  • Instead of joining the foray, you used your skills to save as many innocent bystanders as possible, corralling them inside The Bloody Bucket. During combat;

    • Another Adhukait arrived and attempted to kidnap Fenrick. You were able to fight off the Asura once again!
    • After being magically put to sleep by Vega, Datarius killed Widow of Kugg by jamming a scimitar into her temple.  
    • Surprisingly, combat between the Mongrelmen and Houses was relatively balanced; no clear victor. 
  • As combat ended and the streets once again became safe (as safe as they ever are in Out Town) Constable Mowbray and Prosecutor Venin Gray arrived with a contingent of city watchmen. A verbal confrontation began and Mowbray ordered his watchmen to take Vasha into custody. The session ended with Maalgrum replying to Mowbray by simply saying… "Nope".
Session 15
I have to take a shit...

XP Awarded 6,600 (1,650 each)

  • We opened the evening in the tenements. After dispatching Grujo and his gang, you left all children except Roger and hid the bodies in a storage closet.
  • 3 steps below Out Town is Grujos borough. Grujos borough is meticulous, beautiful, warehouses are clearly new and feature inconspicuous doors towards the back, designed to be forgotten/hidden. All doors are alarmed.
  • Alarms on the back doors have some meta-magic affect while the front doors were alarmed but had no meta effect.
  • Warehouses were closed as The Procession of The Six was starting (Winter Fest).
  • Belmuhn Sewal was strolling by as you were deciding how to infiltrate Grujo's warehouses. 
  • Sewal informed you that Camael was coming to Winterfest.
  • Sewal ended up walking to Out Town with Vega alone, the rest of the party "needed to shit".
  • Vega learned the history of Winterfest; remembering the stabilization of Tempests Reach, the first major metropolitan area to safely settle, along with a celebration of all the diverse cultures to initially enter the area.
  • You seemed to have figured out the password for the alarmed doors.
  • Once inside, you discovered a workbench/pegboard secret door. An electrified cage trap dropped. Once past the trap you discovered crates with waybills featuring an anonymous origin/shipper but destined for a large university in Wickham Bay, The same university where Camael is spiritual advisor. 
  • The crates were also alarmed.
  • Once opened you found "Halos". Glass orbs with etched runes, steel banding and thumb screws, and a place to screw an electrode at the top. Immaculately and masterfully crafted.
  • While dinning with Belmuhn Sewal, Vega noticed he was momentarily stunned/affected by something…
  • Belmuhn warned Vega again about "the company you keep"
  • Belmuhn had a strong reaction to the "red elephant" symbol.
  • You originally stated that you found it in the sewers/cavern complex.
  • Sewal wanted you to show him the location of "the body". A conversation between Maalgrum and Sewal followed;  

Sewal "We can talk to Grujo, he can assist."

Maalgrum "We pulled this (the red elephant symbol) off of Grujo."

Sewal "Where is Grujo?"

Maalgrum "In his room where he tortures children." 

  • Sewals glasses are clearly magical. The edges of the purple lenses seem to shimmer when he focuses on someone. 
Session 14
A Whole Hound

XP 13,200 (3,300 each)

  • You quickly dispatched the Otyugh and recovered the remaining pieces for the clockwork hound.

    • It will cost 7,500 gp and skilled, technical labor to repair.
  • You returned one of the clockwork assassins to House Hardegin. Turns out, they were looking for you anyway. 

    • grateful for the return, Umbrae handed gold, house emblazoned coins to Maalgrum, Vasha and Fenrick. You can return with the coins when you have determined what you want for a reward. 
    • in their search for Roger, they had found another emaciated child outside of the tenements in out town. He had similar "halo marks" as Stuart and also appeared to have had his very life force drained from his person, beyond healing by positive energy.
    • by reading Jonathans thoughts Umbrae was able to get two fleeting visions. One of the "testing" that involved older men and one of a group transporting Jonathan and other children.
    • You went to the tenements;

      • You found Roger dead along with 2 other dead children.
      • You found two children alive.
      • All were discovered in building 3, level 3 of the tenements.
      • You learned that the property manager of the tenements, Grujo, is also an organized crime figure. He owns several properties in the same borough of Tempests Reach, 3 of which are large warehouses. He and his "team" all have either embroidered or in some form of jewelry a crimson red symbol that looks similar to an elephant (below).
      • You saw a weasel that you quickly figured out to be someones familiar. Maalgrum was able to catch it. It had similar trauma marks to its head as if it also were wearing some form of medical halo. 

Session 13
Wendigo What?

Total XP: 15,200 (3,800 each)

  • You kicked the evening off by seeing to the banishment of the Adhukait. While at the temple of Iomedae, you sought assistance with Litia's mental ailment. The clerics of Iomedae were able to tell you that Litia was suffering from some form of psychosis. Using your investigative skills, piecing together the rest of the evidence; elk antlers, strange disappearances in Deren, etc. you discerned it must be a powerful form of Wendigo Psychosis. Essentially a curse, in order to end Litia's suffering, you will have to destroy the Wendigo. 

    • Until that time, you have left Litia with the clerics of Iomedae…basically hospice care.
    • Haakon seems ready to fight the Wendigo! 
  • Back at The Bloody Bucket, you noticed a copy of the Tempests Reach Chronicle stating that, following the massive earthquake in The Burning Isles, it has been confirmed…zero survivors at The Institution. The post lacked any real detail but among the non-survivors was the new warden, Akatay Atajin. 
  • You had forgotten that Winter Fest would be starting soon.  See the new wiki page for more information.
  • You revisited the cavern complex beneath the Tempest Reach sewer system. You encountered clockwork assassins in a battle with the fiendish mongrelmen. 

    • The assassins seemed programed to destroy any/all mongrelmen, fiendish or normal. 
    • 5 of what you thought to be 12 assassins were destroyed. You had calculated the assassins to cost approximately 3.6 million gold, a hefty investment by House Hardegin. You stashed 2 of the destroyed/damaged assassins near the Otyugh cavern. 
    • Widow of Kugg was still alive. You saved her and 11 other mongrel-people from certain death.
    • A voice (probably an asura) in Fenricks head tried all sorts of bribery to gain access to the portal key he carries with him.
    • As session 13 ended, you were still in the cavern complex, planning to double back for the assassins and investigating the Otyugh den for more clockwork hound parts/pieces.  
  • Marcy & Darcy paid yet another visit!
Session 12 Notes
Nice day for a wedding...but not for crafts.

Total XP 5800 (1450 each)

Prestige +1, Honor +1

One profound interaction with Laelia, Malkus, Ashling, Arlin and Haakon. 

Fame Update! Your current fame score should be 5 (your level) + Charisma modifier + 9 (total fame/prestige points awarded to date). This should place all of you above a Fame score of 10, which comes with new unlocks/abilities and increases your sphere of influence. 

  • With the help of Asmund the Great it seems the issues you had with Coughing August and his guild are solved. Maalgrum has been officially kicked from the guild. You learned that The Wasp is actually Coughing August's daughter…lucky fella!
  • Constable Fenwick Mowbray claims to have a body as he continues to go after Vasha (legally). It may just be a matter of time before Vasha is arrested again.  
  • You all arrived to celebrate the wedding of Haakon and Litia. 

    • Litia crafted an obnoxious tiara of misc. antlers and we learned that Vega hates crafts.
    • Before the wedding, you discovered Litia, removing her face…with some scissors. Before you could fully investigate…wedding crashers arrived!
    • The Adhukait and two of the fiendish mongrelmen burst into the Bloody Bucket.
    • The mongrelmen were quickly dispatched, the Adhukait was restrained (dual headlock) and you are in the process of taking it to the Temple of Iomedae (along with the very brave Father Malkus).
    •  Marcy & Darcy decided to pay a visit. 



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