The Sphere

Session 6 Notes

Deeper into the caverns...

Total XP Awarded: 2000 (500 xp each) 

  • You traveled deeper into the cavern complex underneath Tempests Reach.
  • Venturing into the Mongrelmen encampment on what you believe to be the second or third level of the cavern system you discovered a peculiar scene. A huge chieftain (Chief Kugg) lay dead and his widow knelt over him in mourning;

    • There were several spent torches at this scene, odd because you had believed the Mongrelmen to be able to see in darkness. You would later learn that Kugg was regularly visited by humans/humanoids (Widow of Kugg was unable to pin point to exact race).
    • After examining the body, Vega determined cause of death to be an extremely sharp piercing item with precision wound placement. One wound to the head, one to the heart and one to the kidney. You believe the murderer to be the clockwork assassin you had previously encountered on this same level of the complex.    
    • Chief Kugg was surprisingly "well geared". Maalgrum pulled a ring of feather-falling from his corpse.
    • A large number of crates with symbols of House Armand and House Owain were stockpiled here. In them were various high quality kits, tools, potions, and one contained a dozen pair of bracers. Among the most curious was an entire shipping case full of very valuable holy symbols dedicated to the God of Magic, Nethys. This container was marked with the symbol of House Owain, who you know to strictly worship the God Ferrakus.
    • Widow of Krugg proved to be helpful, she lead you to two potential exits from this level of the cavern system. First, a crevice leading down. Second, a pool of water, supporting vegetation (including a large, lightning struck tree) that lay under a huge whole in the cavern roof exposed to the outside world. You were able to see the night sky and determine you had moved  more east, closer to the coast of the Obsidian Sea, from your original position underneath Tempests Reach.
    • Widow of Kugg also gave you a little insight on their culture, like how a new chieftain will be selected and informed you that "the bad ones" lived below, even eluding to a potential demonic, devil or fiendish presence among them. She also stated that the lower you go…the larger you can expect the Mongrelmen to get.    
  • You descended to the next level of the complex;

    • You uncovered another piece of the clockwork hound in an oddly placed pile of debris.
    • You were attacked by a group of Chokers. The same creatures used as slaves and entertainment by House Hardegin. 
    • You came across some areas that looked as though the stone had been worked or mined at some point in time, explaining some of the debris. 
    • You stumbled upon an area where large Mongrelmen with glowing red eyes walked among large piles of dead "normally sized" Mongrelmen. They walked with a purpose. They were on high alert. Later, down this same corridor, Vasha would retrieve a "Mogrel-Toddler" who was using its voice mimicry ability to sound like a weeping Vega (or at least that is how some of you heard it). 
    • You discovered a crevice leading down yet again.  The temperature continues to rise the lower you get; however, this time it was mixed with the sweet tinged of ocean air. This crevice drops into an area of completely worked and supported stone.  


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