Wilbur Cooper

Hillbilly Wizard


Brown hair, 6’ 1", scrawny/wiry build


Wilbur Cooper comes from an appropriately backwater portion of the gaming world: think more Georgia/North Carolina than other parts of the American South.

His family is extremely poor and survives by having a small farm: Corn, pigs, chickens, catching catfish and… making moonshine. As usual, the local authorities prefer to tax and regulate distilled spirits and the Cooper family is suspected (rightly) of making white lightning in the hills. They are still dirt poor.

Intelligence is largely genetic, and this plus the apparent manifestation of an Arcane bloodline has Wilbur’s family extremely confused. He is not ashamed of his upbrining at all, he enjoys noodlin’ for fish, singing mountain music, making and drinking moonshine, and specializes in a secret BBQ chicken recipe. He prefers to let his hillbilly upbringing be ‘forward’ at all times and let people underestimate him.

His brother Dwayne, is a priest of Seren Rae. Wilbur doesn’t like this lifestyle and thinks “Most of them gods is bullshit”. His mother Sally and Grayling love him but don’t know what to do with him. His family is notorious, has little standing anywhere, but people know who to visit when they need some cheap hooch. HIs Uncle Versie is known as one of the best and most slippery moonshiners in the land.

Magically, he specializes in Evocation due to a love of fireworks as a child, because he “likes to blow shit up”.

Right now, Wilbur is listless. He doesn’t like other Wizards because most of them shun his simple origins, he doesn’t like the farm because it’s too much work, and he doesn’t want to make moonshine full time because it feels a little dishonest. Maybe if he struck it rich somehow he could send money back to mom & dad and some day turn them all respectable like.

Wilbur Cooper

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